Report Copies, Documents, and Forms

For your convenience, many of the most commonly requested forms for licenses, permits, and requests are in a format that allows you to complete the form online, print it out, sign it and get it to the Police Department. Almost all of the forms require an original signature, so submitting the forms online is not an option that is currently available.

February 2024 to March 2024part-1-crime-comparisons
January 2024 to February 2024part-1-crime-comparisons
December 2023 to January 2024part-1-crime-comparisons
November 2023 to December 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
October 2023 to November 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
September 2023 to October 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
August 2023 to September 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
July 2023 to August 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
June 2023 to July 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
May 2023 to June 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
April 2023 to May 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
March 2023 to April 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
Integrated Response To Persons Experiencing Homelessnessfamiliar-faces
February 2023 to March 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
January 2023 to February 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
Tracy PD AB 481 Annual Report to City Councilpolicies-and-legal-mandates
December 2022 to January 2023part-1-crime-comparisons
Tracy Truck Route Maptraffic-related
Vehicle Post Storage Hearing Formevidence-property-and-vehicles
Towing Service Attendant Applicationpermits-and-licensing
Taxi Driver Work Permit Applicationpermits-and-licensing
Request for Community Policing Presentationcommunity-policing
Request for Reportreports
Notarized Evidence and Property Release Formevidence-property-and-vehicles
No Trespassing Enforcement Requestcommunity-policing
Tracy PD Compliment or Complaint Formpolicies-and-legal-mandates
Vacation House Checkcommunity-policing
Card Room Dealer Work Permitpermits-and-licensing
Bingo Game Applicationpermits-and-licensing
Alarm Permit Applicationpermits-and-licensing
Tracy PD Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Policypolicies-and-legal-mandates
Tracy PD Complaint Policypolicies-and-legal-mandates
Tracy PD Professional Standards Overviewpolicies-and-legal-mandates
Tracy PD Military Equipment Use Policypolicies-and-legal-mandates
Tracy PD Training Planpolicies-and-legal-mandates
Tracy PD Department Policypolicies-and-legal-mandates
Tracy PD CCW Application Processccw
Tracy PD CCW Information Brochureccw
California DOJ 4012 CCW Applicationccw
Dog License Applicationanimal-services
Lost Animal Reportanimal-services
Found Animal Reportanimal-services
Animal Services Volunteer Applicationanimal-services