Truck Routes

The City of Tracy Police Department welcomes all long-haul and semi-truck drivers to Tracy. To ensure your safety and to assist you in driving in our city, we are providing this information to familiarize you with our local ordinances as you navigate through our city streets.

Tracy is the most rapidly growing city in San Joaquin County, and traffic in our community has increased proportionately. Your safety, and that of our citizens, is important to us.

Drive safely and please contact the Police Department if we can be of assistance to you.

Local Ordinances You Should Know

Please pay attention to the following ordinances when traveling in the city of Tracy.

Article 7 – Restricted Streets

3.08.290 Establishment of Truck Routes

Those certain streets and parts of streets designated in Section 3.08.310 of this article, and such other streets as may be so designated by an ordinance of the City, are hereby declared to be “Truck Traffic Routes”, the use of which is permitted by any vehicle, except those equipped with lugged or cleated tracks or cleated wheels. The City shall cause such streets to be designated by appropriate signs as “Truck Traffic Routes.” (Prior code x 3-2.701)

3.8.520 Truck Route Restrictions

When any such truck traffic routes are established and designated by appropriate signs, the operator of any vehicle exceeding a maximum gross weight limit of three (3) tons shall drive only on such streets, except when necessary for egress and ingress by direct route to and from restricted streets for the purpose of loading or unloading. The provisions of this section shall not apply to passenger buses under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission. (Prior code x 3-2.702)

3.8.520 Designated Truck Routes

In accordance with the provisions of Section 3.08.290 of this article, the following streets are hereby declared to be truck traffic routes for the movement of all vehicles on a temporary or permanent base as follows:

Temporary Truck Routes

1. Tracy Boulevard (North of Valpico Road)
2. Sixth Street (Tracy Boulevard to MacArthur Drive)
3. Central Avenue (Sixth Street to Eleventh Street)
4. Eleventh Street
5. Existing MacArthur Drive (Mt. Diablo Avenue to Eleventh Street)

Permanent Truck Routes

a. Corral Hollow Road
b. Larch Road (Corral Hollow Road to Holly Drive)
c. Holly Drive (Larch Road to Arbor Road)
d. Arbor Road (Holy Drive to MacArthur Drive)
e. Grantline Road
f. MacArthur Drive (Arbor Avenue to Valpico Road)
g. Valpico Road (Tracy Boulevard to MacArthur Drive)
h. Tracy Boulevard (South of Valpico Road)
i. Linne Road

Temporary truck routes shall cease to be considered as a truck route when all permanent routes have been constructed and are open to traffic (Prior code x 3-2.703)

3.8.520 Overnight parking – Commercial Vehicles

The Council, by resolution, may prohibit or restrict the parking or standing of vehicles on certain streets, or portions thereof, between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and, by resolution, may prohibit or restrict the parking or standing on any street, or portion thereof, in a residential district of commercial vehicles having a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more.

The City Manager may grant permits for the purpose of exempting from the prohibition or restriction of overnight and commercial vehicle parking for handicapped persons and residents of high-density, multiple-family dwelling areas or similar areas lacking adequate off-street parking facilities.

The provisions of this section shall not be effective in response to any commercial vehicle making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares, and merchandise from or to any building or structure located on the restricted streets or for the purpose of delivering materials to be used in the actual and bona fide repair, alteration, remodeling, or construction of any building or structure upon the restricted streets for which a building permit has previously been obtained. (Prior code x 3-2.1013)

Most Frequently Cited Violations

Please take note of the most frequent sections violated by commercial drivers in the city of Tracy.

Truck Route Restrictions
Vehicles over 20' long
Vehicles over 6' in height within 100' of intersection
Overnight parking of commercial vehicles

Tracy PD Truck Route Map

For your convenience, we have a map showing the truck routes in Tracy.