Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit’s responsibility is to provide traffic safety services within the city of Tracy.

These efforts are accomplished through educating the community on topics related to the safe operation of vehicles on our roadways, the implementation of safety-related technology, and the enforcement of vehicle code laws.

Input from the community regarding traffic concerns helps our officers in solving problems related to the area of traffic safety.

Commonly referred to as “motors,” there are currently five motorcycle officers under the direction of a sergeant and a lieutenant.

DUI Checkpoints

Through a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, the Tracy Police Department conducts DUI Checkpoints at various times throughout the year.

The first and primary purpose of the checkpoints is to save lives and keep the community safe from the dangers of drunk driving. The checkpoints serve as an educational tool as well, as it allows the community to see first-hand the efforts we take to keep them safe.

Reporting Traffic Issues or Concerns

If you are experiencing traffic issues on your street which pose a safety risk, you can request extra patrol by completing a Tracy Police Department Extra Patrol Request form.

Traffic Collision Reports

Copies of traffic collision reports can be obtained at our station during regular business hours. For contact information, directions, and hours of operation, please click here.

Citation Information

If you received a traffic citation requiring you to make a correction or repair to your vehicle, you may bring the vehicle you were in when receiving a citation, along with your driver’s license, proof of current insurance, and current proof of registration to the Tracy Police Department. An officer can “sign off” the citation, which you can then provide to the court. A fee may apply.

Contact Information

Field Operations Bureau

This unit is part of the Field Operations Bureau.

Tracy Police Department

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