Vacation House Check Application

Vacation House Checks Application

Vacation House Check

Vacation House Checks

The Tracy Police Department provides a vacation house check program. If you plan to be away from your residence within the Tracy city limits for up to 30 consecutive days, you may complete and submit the enclosed vacation house check and waiver of liability form at least two (2) weeks prior to your departure.

Required Information

You must provide a contact telephone number for yourself and information for an emergency contact person who has a key to the residence, including that person’s address and telephone number. In addition, you need to advise the Police Department about any important information regarding your house, including vehicles left in the driveway or individuals authorized to enter the residence.

After Submission

Once the vacation house check form is submitted, it becomes part of a logbook containing vacation house check locations. A member of our Volunteer in Police Services may perform checks of your residence as frequently as possible. However, Tracy PD cannot assure daily checks of your residence. During these checks, doors and windows will be visually inspected for signs of forced entry or attempted forced entry, and your property will be examined for damage or vandalism. Please note that the vacation house check service does not include mail or newspaper retrieval.

Home Address
Home Address
Emergency Contact Address
Emergency Contact Address
Do they have a key?
House Alarmed?
Monitored Alarm?
Lights on a timer?
Paper Stopped?
Mail Stopped?
Vehicles on property or street?
Vehicle Description
Second Vehicle

Third Vehicle

City of Tracy Vacation House Check
Release and Waiver

I understand that:
Vacation house checks will be performed as time permits, and your signature on this form releases the City of Tracy Police Department of all liability or damages during your absence.

Contact Information

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