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The Tracy Police Department’s Familiar Faces Homeless Outreach Team supports the City of Tracy’s Homeless Strategic Plan for engaging with people experiencing homelessness by identifying people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness in vulnerable subpopulations within the City of Tracy and by establishing a Law Enforcement Protocol for initiating contact with people experiencing homelessness.

The Familiar Faces program serves as an initial call, triage level, and follow-up response team, working to identify, engage, and assist unsheltered individuals in the community. The team provides resources about mental health, substance use disorder treatment, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, harm reduction integrated care, and care coordination, through utilizing community, county, and state resources to help divert unsheltered individuals off the streets by offering transportation services to individuals in need of reunification, shelter, urgent care services, and housing options, including the City’s Temporary Housing Shelter. Familiar Faces also provides case management services to those that do not qualify for the Tracy Interim Shelter.

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The Tracy Police Department’s Integrated Response to Persons Experiencing Homelessness outlines the department’s response to those who may be homeless or in need. It emphasizes the importance of community collaboration and partnerships in order to provide the best possible services to those in need.

The document outlines the roles of police officers, community partners, and other stakeholders in addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, focusing on providing resources and support.

Click here to read “Integrated Response to Persons Experiencing Homelessness”.

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