Community Police Academy

The Community Police Academy provides an in-depth view into various areas of law enforcement. It is an educational and informative program that allows residents to learn about the role of law enforcement in the City of Tracy. After the Community Police Academy, graduates will receive a certificate of completion.

It is our goal that upon completion of the course, graduates can partner with the Tracy Police Department by joining our Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS). Becoming a VIPS member provides an opportunity for our residents to continue their law enforcement education as well as give back to our community. Our VIPS have donated thousands of hours of their time to serve the City of Tracy.

Topics Covered

Chaplain Program

Crime Analysis

Crime Prevention

Crime Scenes

Criminal Justice System

Defensive Driving



K-9 Demonstration

Neighborhood Preservation

Patrol Procedures

Police Station Tour

Police Support Staff

Virtual Reality Force Options Simulator



Schedule and Location

A 10-week English-speaking academy is held annually in the fall on Wednesday nights at 7 pm at the police department. We also hold a Spanish-speaking academy in the spring at a local school (school sites and the day of the week is dependent on the school district’s availability).


  • Must be 18 years old
  • Participants may be required to undergo background, records check, and fingerprinting (completed by TPD at no cost to the attendee)


    If you are interested in attending our Community Police Academy, please submit an application.

    Contact Information

    Field Operations Bureau

    This unit is part of the Field Operations Bureau.

    Tracy Police Department

    1000 Civic Center Drive
    Tracy, CA 95376

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